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Established 1983

Bourne Lent Asset Management, Inc. is a Registered Investment Advisor firm that specializes in managing portfolios for individual investors and smaller institutions. We are fee-only investment advisors, not stock brokers, we do not receive commission, we do not sell products; this enables us to remain completely objective and represent your best interests. We provide investment management services that are personal, comprehensive, objective, competent, ethical and confidential. We focus on a research driven approach with a goal of bringing the best value and highest quality of service to each client.

Our clients’ assets are held by third party custodians in the clients’ name in individual accounts, joint accounts, IRAs, personal trusts, corporations, and a variety of others. We make investments on our clients’ behalf but we do not have access to their money. We do not short stock or use derivatives; all of the investments we recommend are listed on the major stock exchanges.